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  • Mechanical and Structural Engineering Design – all in one

    By merging both engineering disciplines together we can do better design and more complex products for our clients. We deliver the full engineering design service from basic concept to final version of your product. Everything we do is in effective manner and at the highest quality level. We also provide a full re-engineering service, so if you are overloaded or require new mechanical or structural design and you need to get somebody to do engineering calculations, please do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Pressure Vessels

    With many years of designing pressure systems, we specialize in designing Pressure Vessels to comply with ASME VIII Div 1, PD5500, EN13445 and PED requirements. Once the design is complete, we provide you with a full pack of manual calculations, fabrication drawings, safety instructions and FEA reports. Our design complies with DNV and Lloyds standards too. A brief selection of pressure vessels we regularly deal with include but are not limited to:

    • Vertical Pressure Vessels
    • Horizontal Pressure Vessels
    • Process Vessels
    • Air Receivers
    • Filtration Vessels
    • and many more...

    Pressure Vessel
  • Silos

    We also provide our service with a silo 3D modelling, fabrication and general arrangement drawings. The calculations are made to satisfy requirements of European Code EN1991 & EN1993. The design process includes wind, snow and seismic verification. We continue to develop our skills in this industry sector getting more experience and practice.  Please contact us if you are looking for any support.

    Silo, Fabrication, Weigh Hopper
  • Piping, Tubing & Ducting Systems

    Working from a gas or fluid schematic drawing we can design complete pneumatic or hydraulic pipework to suit your needs. We are capable to design any process piping in accordance with ASME B31.3. Full 3D model, manufacturing drawings, list of materials (BOM) and schematics are supplied to you to reduce manufacturing time and project costs.

    3dproduction pipeline, ASME B31.3, process piping,
  • Sheet Metal Design

    Sometimes our design is more complex and needs to be accomplished by using specific tools and easy to bend materials. This is where sheet metal comes to play. Some of customer products can be easily created by only bending sheet metal to get it into desired shape. The 3D model can be flattened in order to get profile to be cut out from the sheet metal and then bend it according to fabrication drawing. A Good example is an enclosure where the housing must be light and cover all internal components only.

    Sheet metal, cover
  • Stairs & Walkways

    We can model up and prepare for fabrication any structural design you have got in mind. It can be a fancy staircase, a support framework for your existing product, a pressure vessel, an offshore skid, a modified standard 20 ft container or whatever you need to be welded or bolted together. The design meets requirements of BS EN ISO 14122 and health and safety regulations.  When the job is done in 3D, we will supply you with fabrication drawing, which can be issued to a workshop for fabrication.

    Fabrication, stairs
  • Bespoke Containers

    We also offer the service of 3D modelling of 20ft or 10ft standard containers with your modifications which may include the general arrangement of internal components or container bodywork to accommodate a single door, window, refrigeration unit with a support frame, etc. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

    Containers, 20ft 10ft, fabrication, standard, DNV approved, shipping
  • ISO frames, portable frames and skids

    We offer complete design, calculations and fabrication drawings of ISO frames, portable frames and custom-made skids. Each project meets DNV requirements from 2.7-1 and 2.7-3 and we are capable to calculate the lifting equipment such as lifting pad eyes or lifting set. We can also perform tilting check on the frame and structural analysis in FEA. For more information, please get in touch.