“What, when, how?
Everything you need to know about how we work.”


We are very flexible when it comes to our clients and very focused on their needs.

The process below is just an example of how to optimize workflow and achieve the goals, but if you like to progress with the project the other way, we would be more than happy to make a change. The whole process starts with your input. This can be a simple hand sketch and a brief description of your project. We will get familiar with your project requirements and provide you with an estimated scope of work and quotation for my services.

The project will start at a general concept level and will finish in details. Once you accept my offer, we will start working on the project straightaway and keep you informed about the progress to ensure, that we are both on the right track and the product meets your specifications. Generally, we work remotely and utilise Skype, Teams, emails and phone calls to stay in touch with you, but if a site visit is required, we can see you at your place. Thanks to the Skype fantastic features like the ability to share screens or create group conversations we can arrange a meeting without leaving our office desks, so we can be part of your team like we are physically at your place. Another advantage of hiring us is the enhanced flexibility of your company in terms of balancing the workforce to optimally cover your current workload.  We are obliged by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to keep your design and projects safe, secret and confidential.