“We aim to provide you with a better way of presenting your ideas.
Here it comes, world of 3D!”

3D Design

  • Not everyone is able to read and visualize 2D drawings. We have got the skills to make them live in the real world, 3D world. By designing in 3D, we provide our clients with a better understanding of their project. Moreover, we can present how it actually works. We specialize in creating 3D models such as:

  • Parts, assemblies and mechanisms

    The final result of complete model is a 2D drawing with a complete Bill of Material of parts, which make up your design. This drawing can have any function you like. For example, we can make it to be a general arrangement, fabrication, mechanical detail or schematic drawing. Everything depends on what model is supposed to be presented in your design.

    Parts, Assemblies, 3D model
  • 2D to 3D conversion

    If you have your design in 2D and want to add a third dimension, it is not a problem for us. Please provide us with your sketch, pdf, dwg or any file format and we will do our the best to convert it into a 3D model.

    2D to 3D covnersion, Bespoke 3D dseign services
  • Bespoke design

    We are happy to help you with any design, that you have in your mind. We are open to every challenge and your imagination is the only limit here!