„To be able to improve, we need to learn new skills and be trained.
To get the job done faster and effortless, we have to automate every process we can.''


  • I am happy to share our skills with others and make your life easier.

    If you think you or your team needs to improve 3D modelling or drafting skills in Solidworks, you are in the right place. As a Certified Solidworks Expert and experienced Design Engineer I can teach you how to use new tools and techniques in your business area.

    Many companies across the world use Solidworks as their primary designing tool and they are not aware of how powerful it is. This software can offer you a huge profit if you start using 100% of its capabilities. My training is dedicated to everyone, it doesn’t matter if you are a person who has just started working with Solidworks or a very proficient user.

    For more information, please send us a message, as we treat everyone individually and try to match the Solidworks training program with your needs.